About Us...

     Balz Out Off Road was started by a few guys with the simple philosophy that you don't lift your rig and put bigger tires on it just to drive it on the pavement.  Those few established guidelines to keep pavement pounders out of this die-hard group of four wheelers.

     In order for someone to become a member they must first meet a set of standards determined by a committee.  First there must be body and/or mechanical damage inflicted on your rig, as a result of wheeling.  Your girlfriend slamming into the back of a low rider does not count.  Nor does having the guy at the Lube and Go, forget to put your oil plug back in. 

     Second, you must be able to prove to the committee that you are not afraid to put the gas petal to the wood.  "Full throttle", is a very common expression among official members.

     We are just a small group of wheelers who like to have fun and if the parts start to fly, then so be it.

     Thanks for visiting our site and if you are a pavement pounder or drive a trailer queen, don't get us wrong.  Sometimes we trailer our rigs too!  But only because we don't think they'll make it back on their own.

     Thanks again and please be sure to sign our guest book before you leave.




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